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Choate Custom Homes uses the latest advances in computer generated virtual design to allow you to visualize your home before it is built.  Most homeowners have difficulty seeing their future home's exterior before it is complete. Should I use brick? Should I use stone? Some combination of materials?  Trying to imagine all this in your mind to get the right material combinations and colors for your desired look can sometimes be difficult. 

Now you don't have to try to imagine it.. Now you can choose and see the overall look and feel of your new home well before any materials are purchased or installed.  After you finalize all of the material choices using our virtual exterior design system, you can "fly" around the complete virtual exterior of your home to see what it looks like from all angles. We then build the home of your vision and dreams with no uncertainties or doubts.   


Virtual Dream Flight - View your home from any angle

Choate Custom Home Dream Flight - Number 1Now you can see your home in live 3-D before it is built.  Our modeling technology allows you to "fly" around your home to view all sides and angles of your new home as if you were taking a quiet helicopter tour.

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Virtual Material Selections

Choate Custom Homes - Live SelectionsAfter our design team works with you to either tweak your existing blueprints or to design new blueprints through our LifeCentric® system, you can select various exterior material options to plug into our system so that you can see the exterior of your new home with the actual materials, finishes and colors you picked at our supplier.

Our Virtual Exterior Design System allows you to "see" your home with multiple materials and finishes on multiple wall surfaces before it is built to help you decide which materials would look the best. 



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